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Torino, Italy

(Family Piknik, Riot, Shodan, Zyx...)

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"Music is the beginning of life, playing for me is a necessity: Sounds are like words and you can combine them in thousands of different ways but sometimes you can't control them... When an artist plays he always shows something about his soul, his mind and his heart." Musician, dj and producer, Joy Kitikonti is a polyhedric artist with several discographic successes, important partnerships and awards in his background. All these experiences made him the complete artist of today. Joy Kitikonti was born in Tuscany. He felt immediately a great passion for music when he was young, probably influenced by his father, a musician during 60’s 70’s. His career began in 80’s, he was a self taught musician, skilful with the drum and percussion instruments. In 1990 he became producer. In 1996 he became a member of Media Records. Here he realized important productions, a lot of remix and numerous collaborations with djs. A lot of his productions were born under nicknames. “Joyenergizer (BXR)“ made him famous all over the world. We can say he’s “Natural born artist”. His innate talent, his creativity and strong will made him especially known for his mood and for his inspiration. But Joy is always the reserved and quiet person he was before and he doesn’t like talking too much about himself or boasting about his success, because he gives in charge to the music the power to tell his story. The dj is a chef, that can mix sounds, riffs, cool bass effects, drums, percussions ... at the desks he “cooks” and everytime he produces a different and original set. Anyway who ask Joy Kitikonti what is music will get this answer...and he continues "Life is a mix: a combinations of sounds, styles, places, pictures. Contamination is the key to re-invent and to live own life, to escape from banality and from something of already seen or heard." “When the dj plays his music, he feels like a writer: and when he plays he always shows something about his soul, his mind and his heart. Sounds are like words and you can combine them in thousands of different ways and sometimes you can’t control them. Even if Electronic Music needn’t classical instruments and scores, it offers the same possibilities of other genres.” His own life is a mix: a combination of sounds, moods, styles, places, images. The “contamination” is the key to re-invent and to live your life with your personal style, to escape the banality and the danger of something already seen and already heard. His “hand” is always perceivable in his productions. His underground vocation comes from those boundary territories, where music means fun, not just money, where friendship among the artists goes further than the interests of the music industry and where new ideas and moods are generated by the artists’ exchange and partnerships. Joy belongs to that world where, if we can use the espression... vanguards often born. Strong from his solid background, Joy Kitikonti is also involved with Family Piknik Festival and music label. Tom Pooks’s studio partner since ages, they produce many dancefloor weapons together and already have caught the attention of Carl Cox, Sven Väth, Fisher and many other high influence artists. Since 2018, Joy Kitikonti & Tom Pooks have developed Family Piknik Music with many successful releases. Together, they’ve pushed many new talents and gave them the spotlights they deserve. Transmission is also the key for passionate artists to share their knowledge and vision. That way, Italian maestro contributes to the global Dance Music scene with an unlimited devotion and a remarkable discretion.


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