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Kyiv, Ukraine

(Family Piknik, Natura Viva...)

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Ki Yera is an emerging artist from Ukraine producing, mixing & singing. Behind the decks, Ki Yera will always surprise you, dropping tracks from a wide range of electronic genres. Her idea is simple : let it flow ! Since 2007 and winning a DJ contest, she has always been in love with electronic music, even more after she first experienced the legendary Bora Bora in Ibiza as well as the impressive Kazantip festival. Her 10 years experience in the studio as a producer lead her to produce several Housy tracks on labels like Spliced Vinyl, Stab Recordings, CTS, Flat Belly. Lately, Ki Yera has achieved a series of catchy tracks built on her emotions, in a very unique style. Released in 2020 on Family Piknik Music, Coming Down is this kind of simple track one gets easily addicted to. It is a powerful, fresh, modern and sexy cut of Techno, ideal to enter this new decade. Dear member of the family, Ki Yera released 'Back to the Night' in 2021 and works on her next single 'Like a Miracle', on which she sings over a timeless electronic production. Often compared to Kittin for her vocals and musical culture, she blew Family Piknik's festival-goers with an outstanding mix for 2021's Family Closing event before Boris Brejcha. She's definitely an exciting profile you need to have in your fresh radar. 


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