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Saint-Etienne, France

(Family Piknik, Desert Heart, Suprematic, Omeni, Kids Records...)

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After many years practicing piano, guitar, clarinet and drums, Mood Gorning has fallen in love with deejaying in 2013. Endorsed as one of the main resident DJs for prestigious French resort La Folie Douce high in the mountains (French Alps), he then started hanging up in the studio along with his best friends, Albanø & Pontias, both coming from the same old good Saint-Etienne city. Searching for the right emotions to inject in his dancing music, he’s now emerging from the underground scene as one of the main members from French famous festival’s Family Piknik crew. Back in 2019, he released his first solo EP ‘Eyes of Vali’ on the label, gaining pretty much attention from influent playlist curators. With a remarkable deep ethnic House vibe, he managed to seduce many A-list DJs, as well as a few other influent labels such as Desert Heart, Omeni, Dear Deer Music, Time Has Changed, Visile, Bosom and Monada Project... Lately remixed by Abstraal on Omeni, he jumped intoJohn Digweed’s playlist and kept on developing his singular musical approach. OnNovember 2021, he’s back on Family Piknik Music with a new stellar EP consisting of two original tracks composed with the help of singer Nyna Loren. Remixed by fast rising ukrainian duo Off Night and Family Piknik head honchos Tom Pooks & Joy Kitikontii, his ‘Txiki Pastela EP’ is already supported by Danny Tenaglia, Laurent Garnier, Hernan Cattaneo, Sasha, Bog, Blond:ish, Phonique, Dave Seaman and many international artists... Just press play and dive into one of the most exciting Deep House new acts from France.


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