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Lunel, France

(Family Piknik...)

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Born in Montpellier in the South of France, Soubeiran begins his musical adventure at his birth. His father, also passionate about music brought back the first House vinyls from the record shop. In 2015, he will follow his father's footsteps and will enter the legendary Churascaia club, where he will deepen his love for House music. He falls in love with disco and house. Then, envious to play a more powerful music inspired by his travels, the young DJ decides to create his own party concept, Sunday Music. This simple friendly event turned quickly into a real project as they've started to receive some international artists such as Massano, Good Gum, Angelov or Chloe Caillet. This success as a promotor gave wings to Soubeiran and led him to start being a guest DJ. Now member of Family Piknik, he also started producing his own music from his personal studio, which for sure will bring him a much bigger exposure within the next months. Stay tuned !


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